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Zellara was a fortune teller in Lord’s Rest, and had at least one son. Her son was slain by Gaedren Lamm, and seeking revenge, Zellera set out to end Gaedren Lamm. Unfortunately, it was she who met her end.

Ghost in the Deck

From the beyond, Zellara contacted a group of adventurers with ties to Gaedren Lamm to enact the revenge for her. Through mystical feats, she placed a Harrow card in the possession of each of the adventurers and bid them to come find her in Lord’s Rest. After slaying Gaedren Lamm and freeing the children he had enslaved, the heroes learned that she had imbued her Harrow deck with her essence, and shared some insights about how the kingdom is in grave peril.

Once per week, the heroes may call upon Zalarah to perform a reading of the Harrow cards. The reading may foreshadow events, offer a warning or advice, or reveal key information. Three times a day, they can call on Zalarah to identify magical items by touching the deck to the item in question.

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