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The Hand We're Dealt
Keeping our Cards Close to Our Chest

Some Background

We all live in the Kingdom of Karnac, where King Eodred II has recently married a young and beautiful princess from the Protectorate named Ileosa. She may be a follower, like much of the Protectorate, of the Red Lady (a patron of hell). There has been no word from Glenress in months, and in the Marshlands there have been sightings of strange spell casters. There have also been raids by wood elves, and human mages, with monsters also appearing near Thornwood (perhaps it is a new Deep Well). The city of Lord’s Rest is receiving refugees from the west, and there are rebellions everywhere.

We all have received a strange Harrow card upon our person, from an unknown source, that has caused us to meet at 3 Lancet Street. There we meet a mystical woman, named Zalarah, who informs us all that we received these cards from her, and that we are all connected to an evil man named Gaedron Lamm, in one way or another. She tells us her Harrow deck was stolen by Lamm, and urges us to seek him out at the Old Fishery. After a Harrow reading, we all (sans Rhoswen, who simply goes along, but fails to agree with Zalarah) agree to her terms and set out to the Old Fishery.

On the way to the Fishery we run into a crier, who tells us all that Trina Saybor has been accused of killing the Lord Mage and is Public Enemy Number One.

In the Fishery

The party slinks around the perimeter of the building, and peers into just about every window. We manage to avoid confrontation at first, but then Manko bursts through the door after presumably spying an old nemesis. In the fishery, we run into many mangy children, who apparently work for Lamm. They carry weapons and are ready to attack. We also meet Giggles, an orc who used to be acquainted with Manko.


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