Blackwall.jpgThe Kingdom of Karnak is one of the oldest and proudest nations in all of the Rynmarch. Famed for it’s tough citizenry and storied centers of learning, Karnak is known for producing capable warriors, skilled mages and great heroes.

Capitol The Twin City of Blackwall and Lord’s Rest
Population ~700,000 (55% Human, 16% Wood Elf, 14% Dwarf, 8% Halfling, 4% Half-Elf, 2% Gnome, 1% Half-Orc)
Main Imports: Metals, Weapons, Armor, Grain
Main Exports: Lumber, Arcane Equipment and Reagents, Magic Items.
State Religion: None (unofficially Nethys)
Coat of Arms 2 Axes Crossed over a Purple Key

Kingdom of Extremes


Karnak fared very well after the dissolution of the Empire, at least compared to it’s neighbors. However, this prosperity has not necessarily been spread evenly across the Kingdom, Karnak is a nation of vast disparity, it’s cities are home to some of the best universities and libraries in the world, but also huge slums and ghettos. Even the nation’s capitol is split into two cities, one, Blackwall proper, is a gleaming city home to nobles and their servants, the other, Lord’s Rest, is a sprawling slum home to the poor, laborers, and merchants who come to hawk their wares.
Life in Karnak is very different depending upon the place of your birth, it is either short and hard, full of tedious labor, or long and dull, filled with restless nights of pursuing ever more exotic tastes and looking over your shoulder for fear of being robbed.

The Lost Homeland of the Wood Elves

Karnak is also home to a large population of native Wood Elves, who once called the region their homeland. Today many wood elves live in the shadows of human civilization, hunting and trading when it pleases them, though some take up arms against humankind. In many parts of the forest the King’s Legions are helpless and no bureaucrat dares to collect taxes, in these places an uneasy truce, marked by bloody skirmishes are the law of the land. fantasy_forest_art_fantasyart_town_fairyworld-5e2157f81bb33ba1a34e16b2accf1f0a_h.jpg

The Forested Kingdom

The vast majority of Karnak is rural, with scattered forts providing a semblance of government and security amid huge tracts of unexplored forest. Most people work in the lumber trade, either cutting, chopping, carving or carrying vast amounts of wood which feed the twin cities fire’s and fuel trade between the other Nations. To the south there is a large area of swamp known only as the Marsh Lands, an area famed for it’s terrible danger and ancient curses. It is said to have once been the seat of a great empire now buried in silt.



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